Total Assets For Sale (in INR): 254,850,473,727

Total Properties: 12680

Buyer's Connect: 369386

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Who can sell on

Presently is working with sellers from India. The sellers can be individuals, private companies, trusts, builders, banks and financial institutions who would like to sell their movable and immovable assets either through e-auction or through negotiated sale to potential buyers.

What are movable and immovable assets?

Assets/properties includes

Residential housing and luxury properties:
Properties including residential houses, independent houses, villas and luxury residential bungalows

Commercial Properties
Commercial shops, commercial offices, hotels, hospitals and other commercial establishments

Industrial Properties
Small, medium and large manufacturing industries in running or closed condition, raw material processing units and finished goods manufacturing and export oriented units with land building and plant& machinery

Non agricultural land, residential plots, large land parcels for project development etc.

What is the buyer network on

Value Assets has a strong marketing credential to help the specific properties reach to targeted audience. Our network includes High Net worth Indivuduals(HNI), Industrialist, Non Resident Indians (NRI), Individual Investors and potential Investors from across the country and overseas.

What are the different sale options available on

Sellers on Value Assets can use both auction sale and negotiated sale.

In auction sale, the seller can either use the auction platform of Value Assets or any third party platform which is purely forward auction with fixed incremental value. Only those buyers/investors who have paid the earnest money deposit (EMD) are eligible to participate. The EMD amount will be returned back to the buyer if one does not win the auction. If the successful bidder/buyer fails to pay the required amount within the stipulated period the EMD will be forfeited.

In negotiated sale, the seller agrees to sell the property on a price which is close to the market value but the seller will negotiate the price based on the buyers credentials, payment time frame and fair market value.

What is the process to sell on

Value Assets is a performance based marketing platform which uses technology extensively to analyze and reach potential customers. We follow strict guidelines on asset listing policy and the sellers have to sign agreement as expression of interest to sell their property and produce verifiable documents for proof of ownership to Value Assets team. Upon satisfactory due deligence of the documents the assets will be available for sale through network. Sellers please fill up the form or contact us on for more information.